Hi! Hello!! Welcome!!! Welcome to my little corner of the web where I ramble on and on about shit that doesn't even matter, hand crafted by yours truly!
I'm not too sure what you'll find here that's interesting, considering the majority of this is going to be my own personal little space to shout into the void, but to each their own! :-) My arms are open to any and everyone, and I'm glad being myself caught your attention.
About The Webmaster
Hello! My name is Cinque. :-) [Said "Cheenk-Wai"] [See list of misspellings + mispronunciations I have gathered over the years right here] I also go by Simon & Noah! You can use whichever of those you feel like using.
I use no pronouns and would prefer to be refered to by name. Though, If you must, He/Hymn is fine. I'm transgender. gender queer and gay, though I'm not a big lables guy.
I have C-DID and ~30 something active memebers. And, if you couldn't tell, I'm an introject of this guy! Some of my parts may post about stuff here, but unless said otherwise assume it's me doing the posting :-)

I have been learning how to code on my own for ~3 years now. I'm best at CSS & HTML but am working on my javascript abilities... I did TERRIBLE in my intro to computer programming plass this year so I'm taking another class next year in school to help me work on my albilites in those areas... o_O

Incase you haven't gathered by the theme of the site, I am INSANE about roblox myths. I even have my own myth in the works! I have a hard time remembering to update it... But I will with time! () My favorite myth/group is Circus In The Sky/Cult of The BunnyMask, and right now... Is the main one I care about... But I am very open to get into more myths! [Not Smiles Family. I tried. I swear.]

I'm also a HUGE nerd and absoluetly LOVE learning about all kinds of cultures and languages! I'm currently learning: Hebrew [Biblical & Modern], Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Polish, French, & Latin! Though, My main focuses are Brazilian Portuguese, Hebrew, and Italian though.
I also spend some of my time researching religions. Majority of that time is dedicated to Judaism since I plan on converting when I'm an adult. :-)

Other than roblox myths, language, and religon, the other major part of my personality is my music! I try to learn how to play as many instruments as I can get my grubby little hands on. So far, I know how to play: Guitar [Acostic, Electric, & Bass], Ukulele [Seprano & Beritone], Violin, and Piano [Kinda]! I want to learn how to play the cello as well!
Other than insturments I can play, I am INSANE about Will Wood & Tally Hall [Including solo work/side projects for both]. I listen to other things as well, but those are the main two. My favorite songs out of each of their discographies are: Suburbia Overture - Will Wood & Spring and a Storm - Tally Hall.


I have other socials as well! You should all go look at them if you're interested in my stuff! (Art, Writing, ETC.)

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03/13/24 - FINALLY working on this. I've been neglecting it for TWO YEARS sorry about that!

03/14/24 - FINISHED THE HOME PAGE & FIXED SOME BUGS!!! working on other pages now :-)

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